Pelican Feeding Time Layout $1.81

Here's a really cheap layout that's also really easy to do.

Letter Stickers $0.11
Cardstock & Acetate $1.00
Tag = Free on my new Pjamas
Paint & Ink & Adhesive $0.50
Circle Stickers $0.20

Total $1.81

By purchasing in bulk I have saved ALOT! Also shopping at the thrift shops really paid off!

This is a great example of how a cheap layout doesn't have to look cheap. The acetate overlay is usually an expensive supply. I actually bought a few packets of these with the background cardboard from my local thrift shop. They were on special so I bought a few. The cardstock and acetate worked out to be $1 a layout. So keep an eye on your local thrift shop. This means trolling through them every week as specials like this don't last long!