Long pause between posts this week.

There was a long pause between posts this week. My husband was away at a Seminar Saturday Sunday and Monday so I was operating as a single mum for three days. Then we had a public holiday this week which meant after leaving work Monday (late) I had to get home and help my son do a weeks worth of homework in two days. We had a public holiday mid week for ANZAC Day. My son wanted to march in the parade on behalf of my grandfather. Which was fine. But then after watching the dawn service on television he kind of lost his nerve a bit. Can't say that I blame him. He is only 5. I wish I had my grandfathers medals though. I'm not sure what happened to them. My grandfather went to France in World War I and was sent home after he was wounded. I'll have to see what my Aunty says... maybe she knows.

So the public holiday being mid week did blow out my entire week and my usual routine which didn't leave much time for my blog. So sorry guys. I haven't forgotten you! I enjoy reading all your comments and hope you get something useful out of this.


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