Attended my first LSS class!

Well I finally did it! I've been wanting to do this ever since I started scrapbooking (nearly 3 years ago now). But there was always a reason I couldn't manage it. 1. Not enough Money 2. Not enough Time 3. No Baby Sitter 4. Class was full 5. No Classes I liked the look of.......

Anyway long story short this time the planets were aligned perfectly and everything was perfect for me to do a class. The class I did was "Scrap a handbag mini book" at my LSS: Passion for Paper. We used the Fancy Pants range of papers and Bazzil Bling.

I also found my scrapmiser tendencies came in very handy! Everyone was cutting off thin strips of paper and throwing them away and I was gathering them up just as fast as I could. This was used to cover the strip of un-designed paper where they write the name of the paper and it's code etc at the manufacturers. All in all it was a great day! So I think today's tip is never throw anything away and when scrapping with other people check what they're throwing away! A miser will find a gold mine of free supplies in other peoples bins! One man's trash is another mans treasure.

I do love my handbag! It's so gorgeous..(I'll upload a photo of it in a day or two)... I don't know what photo's I'll put in it but I've definitely decided to make some more of these... My Cousin and his wife went on a holiday through Europe recently and I think this would be a fantastic album. I'll do a mini album on each place they stopped.... Can't wait!

Only problem is I have enough of a backlog of projects to tackle without creating new ones for myself... Oh well the work of a scrapper is never done! (Sigh)


did you ever post the handbag? Just wondering.
The Scrap Miser said…
I haven't posted the handbag yet! Very forgetful of me .... so I'm attending to that now! See my latest blog entry. Thanks for reminding me!