2 Peas Wed Blog: Share your fave beauty tip

2 Peas Wed Blogger Challenge: Share your fave beauty tip with the rest of us...

I'm not very good with keeping up my beauty routines. If I have an hour of time to spend on me I'd prefer to spend it scrapbooking than cleansing toning etc...

BUT I have found that as I enter my 37th year that a little maintenance is now becoming necessary so......... I will have a shower (cleanse in the shower) get out tone then put on a face mask (choose one that doesn't dry hard!) then I'll sit down to do some scrapbooking. If it's not too cold I'll sometimes also put in a conditioning treatment in my hair, wrap in cling film and then a towel or hat (I have a towelling hat specially for this) so while I'm really treating myself (to some serious scrapbooking time) I can also do some maintenance!

I have found though that my juice is having a remarkable effect on my skin. (My husband and I started drinking Mona Vie a couple of months ago and he has lost 6kilos or around 13.2 pounds and I have had alot clearer skin. I read somewhere that Angelina Jolie was drinking it to help stop the ageing process so thought I'd give it a go. I have alot more energy than before, have lost a little weight {I didn't need to lose much in the first place so that was just a nice bonus} and my skin is now breakout free! If you want more info on this you can check it out at our site: www.mymonavie.com/scottpatterson )


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