Storage Ideas From Underpants To Donuts:

Storage ideas from underpants to donuts: Does anyone else get frustrated at how much money you spend on storage devices and the like? I hate it when I need to re-organise the hoards and hoards of supplies by purchasing a new storage device.

Don't get me wrong. I think organising your items by category and colour is wonderful. (I'm also a mad organiser).. BUT I hate spending my limited scrapbooking budget on storage devices when I could be purchasing paper, or ribbons or stamps and punches.

This week I discovered a couple of great space organising items and they didn't cost me anything.

The first is the pack my daughter's recently purchased underpants came in. You've probably seen them. A pack of 5 underpants in a little plastic (sometimes opaque but mostly clear) pocket with a small hanger at one end and a clip at the other.. I love this! I keep ribbon and yarn offcuts in it... Anything not on a roll basically. And as my collection expands and I can reorganise them into one colour per packet. I love the little hanger which is an added bonus enabling me to hang the bag within easy reach.

The second find is..... wait for it... you'll never guess...... A Packet that previously held 12 donuts. Now I'm sure you think I've lost my mind here but hear me out. All of my ribbons that are on a roll were getting messy and dusty by displaying them on a rod within easy reach (two paper towel holders with a length of dowel balanced between them). So by storing them inside this clear box I can see them easily. They're also easier to take with me for scrapping at a friends house. Now all I do when I want to use some ribbons is pull out this clear plastic box and look at my ribbon collection which is kept dust free and clean at all times. It is easy for me to expand this storage device as my collection grows and simply file items by theme or colour.

I'd love to hear from fellow scrappers on everyday items that you've used to great storage succes.


Pillowgirl said…
That is a great idea, I will have to hold on to my donut boxes!

Thank you for your great ideas. I do a blog on digital scrapbooking, wich is entirely free to me until it comes time to print... but I do a lot of papercrafting and scrapbooking with real paper and items too. I like to use everyday items from around my home more than store bought items. I think scrapbooking preserves memories, so why not use items that have a history when I scrapbook :)

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