Baby Formula Tin Yields Scrapbooking Resource:

Baby Formula Tin yields scrapbooking resource: I have just discovered a new resource for my scrapbooking and frankly I'm a little upset. You see if I'd had this idea 5 years ago when my first child was born I would have accumulated several tonne of this resource by now.... Let me elaborate.

My daughter is still drinking toddler formula and the other night when I was planning out this page in my head I was pondering what to do about the title. I had created the "xmas" and the "J" disc and the smaller "snowflake" disk out of paper clay but I didn't have a "1st". Then while making a bedtime drink for my daughter I had to open a new tin of formula and whala there it struck me... inspiration that is.... The foil that seals the tin is made of a very thin metal. This metal is easy to cut and punch (with a large punch and simple shape only.... I tried a small snowflake punch and although it worked it got stuck and was very difficult to remove) and also easy to dry emboss if the foil is flat. In this case the foil was bumpy.

Although not strictly safe because it isn't Acid and Lignin Free I can spray the back of the product with a special spray that will neutralise the worst of the Acids etc and make the product scrapbook friendly or I can simply keep it away from direct contact with my photos..... It's up to you what you prefer to do and how pedantic you are about the Acid and Lignin free qualities of a product.

So I hope you enjoy this idea and come up with lots of wonderful uses.... I'd love to see some examples of work by anyone who is able to access this resource.


trishadeb said…
That was a nice tip. Using tin foils :) They add nice metallic look to pages. Thanks!

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