Tissue embellishments.

Well its a beautiful Anzac Day here in Brisbane (Veterans Day for all you who are overseas). My DH and DS went off to town for Dawn Service. DD and I slept on! Our new adopted pop is a returned serviceman having been to the Sinai Desert for active duty in the New Zealand Air Force and DS really wanted to go march with him.

So we've had the morning to ourselves. We've had porridge and hot tea and lots of cartoons and cuddles. DD can be such an angel when its just her and me. Last night when DS went to bed (early because of having to get up at 3:30am this morning) she climbed up into his bed and gave him a big hug and kiss. Told him she loved him and she'd miss him. Isn't that cute?

I love how great they are together.

Now that she's preoccupied watching play school I thought I'd take the chance to blog about a technique I tried two days ago.

It's really simple. I read about it in Scrapbook Creations (which I borrowed from the library). I don't like buying magazines as these days that's easily $10 - $15 out of my scrapbudget in one hit. So I borrow them from the library instead. Great to sit down in the sun with a cuppa and flick through the pages while DD swings to her hearts content.

Anyway the technique is really simple and CHEAP! Take a stamp (any stamp will work for this though I don't think anything too small or intricate will turn out too well). Turn it upside down. Get a tissue and place it on the stamp. Put PVA glue all over the stamp. Add another tissue layer. Another layer of Glue. Another Tissue layer. ETC until there are six layers. Then turn it all over and press the stamp really firmly into the mix. Carefully remove the stamp. Then leave to dry. A day or two depending on how humid your area is. (I used a brush to apply the glue as this allowed me to get the tissue into all the bumps of the stamp).

I'm currently experimenting with ways to colour it so will let you know what I come up with. Of course you could just use coloured tissues if you like... but you're limited by the colours they come in. I'll see what I come up with. I'll probably expand it into a short video for you once I've ironed out the kinks. If you're trying this in the mean time and come up with some great tips or ideas to share with everyone just pop them on the forum for everyone to have access to.

P.S. I've found that they will take paint when they're dry without it ruining the image... but I'm off to solve the curling problem.... will keep you updated! I


The Scrap Miser said…
My experiments are showing that PVA doesn't give as good a result as school paste (clag). Will keep you posted.