Faye layout

This is a very simple layout. I painted my chipboard letters with a pink making memories paint then went over this with a glitter paint by making memories. (Several layers were required to get this effect). The velum quote came in a bulk pack from crazy clarks. I think they cost $4.99 for the pack. I love this saying " A mothers' children are portraits of herself". I think she'd of loved it! The patterned paper is from the Die Cuts With a View "Once Upon a Time" mat stack range and cost $8.97 for 72 sheets. I wanted a simple layout to showcase the first photo of the album. Here my mother-in-law is about 25 years old. (I found that out on the weekend when my father-in-law was over). I wish I'd had the chance to do these photos when she was alive though and could get lots of information from her.

I've been very sad lately. Scrapbooking these photos has been a bit difficult. Then I found out that my father-in-law's dog (this dog used to be mine 6 years ago) just died. He was a very sweet little maltese terrier. So I'm going to have to veer off into happier topics for a while. I've been inspired by my sister-in-law to maybe tackle my wedding album again. At least there's only a few photos of my mum and my mother-in-law in there. So not so sad.

I did do something happy this weekend. I went out to dinner the other night with my girlfriends, for one of the girls birthdays. It's really weird sometimes to think I've known these girls since 1979 /80. How quickly time flies! We had a great evening and laughed alot. I see the girls regularly but usually we have husbands and/or children in tow. Like last week when they came to our place for my husbands' kareoke birthday party.... Lots of FUN! But getting together just the four of us (there are four more to the group but they live a little further away) isn't always easy. On saturday night though we had it timed perfectly! All the husbands were able to stay home and babysit.... yeah!


Deb D said…
Sorry you've been feeling sad lately.
Your LO is lovely. I think you look a bit like your MIL!
I haven't ever used the negative of a chipboard letter - must remember to do that. TFS.