Tips for saving money on Scrapbooking.

I popped into my local scrapbook store today for some ideas. I love having a look at the latest layouts on the walls and checking out the products. You can often get some fabulous ideas for embellishments this way. For instance today I saw some great pieces of chipboard that were decorated using "Opals" and inked stamps. I loved this effect!

It's a good idea if you're looking to create embellishments to think in layers. The layers are what make the best embellishments what they are...... and glittery bits!

I thought I'd share a few ideas on how to save on supplies as I havent' done this for a while.

1. Corks from wine bottle can be carved to make stamps.
2. Recolour paper clips and eyelits with clear ink and embossing powder.
3. Use decorative scissors to cut thick cardboard then use this as an embossing template.
4. Take a swirl template and mark evenly along the edges of the cut out section to create a cheap template for use as a sewing template or eyelet setting template.
5. Buy cardstock with a white core and emboss shapes onto it and sand or stamp with bleach
6. Use paper doilies to paint a pattern onto cardstock.
7. Cut up old clothes to use on layouts (I have a pair of my daughters old jeans as the back pocket was a heart shape... too cute!).
8. Save those fake credit cards you receive in the mail from the finance companies trying to woo you to use on shopping layouts.
9. Check the kids toy box for little knick knacks that have gone astray. I just fount a plastic silver cog which will go wonderfully in the centre of a paper flower, topped with a jewel split pin.... I find al sorts of interesting things in there. I once found a tiny shovel to use on a gardening layout.
10. Save all the hard plastic off packaging to be used as transparencies.
11. Alphabet stickers use the outside outlines as another letter.
12. Use Kindy glitz to add bling to plain papers that are out of fashion to bing them back into fashion.
13. Whenever possible make your own embellishments. Layers and kindy glitz make for really nice embellishments that are totally original.
14. Make a list of the tools and supplies you really want and let your friends and family buy these for you as presents.
15. Whenever possible look for an alternative way to adhere objects on your layouts. e.g. sewing, staples, and cutting into the backgound small slits to hold your photos.
16. Before buying anything ask yourself how many layouts it will be used on. Is it good value? This is why I prefer to buy tools rather than embellishments.... more bang for your buck.. LOL!

Anyway that's a few ideas I've had. Post a comment if you have any more ideas to share we'd love to read them.

The most important thing is to not compromise your layouts. Being cheap doesn't work if you don't like your layouts. I prefer to find a cheaper way to do my layouts not a CHEAP layout.


Deb D said…
Some good tips here and I totally agree with your last way of doing it is great not a cheap LO. I'd forgotten about changing the colour of eyelets - must have a go at that. TFS all your tips. Need to catch up a bit here on your blog.