Page Talkers

I was in K-Mart yesterday and saw a "Page Talker". For those of you not familiar with these they are a little recording device you stick to your layouts that you can record sound on then whenever you turn to that page you can press play to hear the corresponding sound.

I purchased one of these last year from a Scrapbook store for $19.95 but have to say the K-Mart version is cheaper at $12.95. There are differences of course. The one purchased from the scrapbook store has a better play button. The one I got from K-Mart is made by Grant Archival ( Neither of these is as easy to decorate as the one on The Scrapbook Lounge though. The Grant one requires you to decorate a piece of paper which you then attach to the unit with a stretchy band (this was not easy for me). But it does give you a template for cutting out your paper which the one from the Scrapbook Store did not. On Looking at the one from the scrapbook store it is made by imaginaton project and is caled Scrapbook Alive.

I love the concept of these. The first one I got I had the kids say their names and ages to attach to a family portrait (this project isn't finished yet). But on this latest one I had a stroke of genius.

I'm currently doing an 8 x 8 album of my Mother-in-law. I have a picture of her with my son and thought it would be very cool to have her voice on the page as this album is all about educating the kids about her.

So I went through old video and found her singing to DS as a baby. She is singing "The Alphabet Song". Unfortunately we only have a small snippet of it on video but it was enough for the 20 seconds of record time available on the page talker.

If you know the song its the one where you say A you're adorable, B you're so beautiful etc...... I have on my page talker G you're so good to me, H you're so Heavenly I.

Now the I is I you're the one I idolise.
Here's the layout I did.


Deb D said…
This is such a wonderful idea and priceless to have someone's voice on tape. I must check out Kmart for one. DH and I have a photo frame with a recorder in it. I got it from Koorong - can't remember how much but I think it was quite reasonably priced. Your LO is great too - love the colours!
Anonymous said…
Hi, Great page!
I was given one of those page talkers from kmart and am having trouble recording, not sure if faulty or am doing something wrong, any suggestions!
The Scrap Miser said…
I'd take it back if you're having trouble cause mine was very easy to use so there must be a fault with it.