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This is the layout I completed to go opposite the "Proud Parents" Page of my 8x 8 album. This layout is a very simple design and the mirror image of my Proud Parents layout so they match beautifully in the album side by side.
This is the last photo I have to scrap of my mother-in-law so I hope there will be some more coming. I have asked my father-in-law of photos of her childhood etc so I can get copies so the kids will have those photos to pour over when they're older.

This photo is of my son who was the first grandchild and the only one she really got to know before she died. My husbands' sister had a baby boy a few months before her death who she did get to see as much as possible but with her illness I know it wasn't as much as she would of liked.

My daughter was born five days before her death and though she knew she'd been born she was in a coma when I took her down to meet her so she never met her granddaughter.

Anyway this layout is very cheap as it uses the left over cardstock and patterned paper (not all of it yet.) from the proud parents layout and simple embellishments like using flowers cut out of paper. I used a snow flake in the centre of the flower under the jewel to add interest to the flower. The snow flake was a find on a table at a christmas luncheon I went to. I'm always collecting little samples like that from events and while I'm shopping.... at the park..... you name it!

Luckily I have a small zippered compartment in the centre of my handbag that is perfect for storing these finds.

I also like using chipboard letters in my titles alot at the moment (which you've probably noticed). I love chipboard as it can be decorated in so many different ways.... ie; painted, inked, covered in paper or glitter or opals embossing powders... etc etc

PLUS if you harvest it off cereal packets (for the thin stuff that doesn't require as much pressure with your knife blade) or notebooks for the thicker stuff its' free! I do purchase some alphabet sets from time to time. But will only pay minimum price for these (no more than $4.00) and more often than not I use these as a template to cut out my own letters... unless I'm in a hurry. Another way to ensure you get good value out of your letters is to use the inside (popped out letter) as well as the surrounding piece (as I did here). That way if you buy a pack of 26 letters you've actually got 52.

I covered this letter in glitter paper from my 4 x 6 paper stack and then stuck the stickers on top.


Anonymous said…
I love this Layout. I do the same with my chipboard letters and use both inside and out to create LO's. Last weekend I covered some on mine with glitter paper as well.
Deb D said…
Very pretty LO. Hope you get some more pics from FIL...this will be priceless for your children in future years. Great job!