Sunlight through her hair.

I LOVE THIS PHOTO! Can't wait to scrap it! As a friend of mine said it's the kind of shot you always dream of having but never usually get. The sunlight through her hair shows off her curls perfectly and creates a beautiful halo effect. The background blurred just adds to this and makes DD the focal point of the shot. I just love the look on her face. It's not the usual smile you get for photo's but it is an expression that is very like her.

As many of you know we recently adopted a nana for my kids (as they didn't have one and I felt they were missing out). Our lovely nana came with a husband so the kids got a two for one deal. They now have a fabulous "poppy" too!

This Saturday was my DD's ballet class and nana and poppy came along to watch. Poppy is a fabulous photographer and took this great shot for me.

The "Lions Aunties and Uncles Program" is a great idea and is how we found our nana and poppy. (with a little help from a local TV show)! My DS new his real nana's and has had some emotional problems from their deaths so our new adopted nana is actually healing alot of those problems. My sister-in-law who is studying child psychology told me that alot of small children blame themselves for changes in their lives like a divorce or death. I'm not sure if DS did this but I know it was a huge time of upheaval for him as within weeks he lost his nana and grandma and gained a sister. Now he is often too sensitive to things. Getting really upset about small matters. So adopting a Nana is helping him alot. But I think he's enjoying his poppy even more.

On Saturday he started learning how to take photos with poppy and had an absolute ball! He was so proud of himself when he followed poppy's instructions perfectly.

Now I just have to get some pointers on how to take better photos!


Anonymous said…
OMG - Adorable photo.
Debby said…
That is a gorgeous photo - congratulations!

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