School Dance...

I can't wait to scrap these photos. Tonight my DS's school had a dress up school dance... DS went as a cowboy..... I just need some time now! Darn it I've got stuff on every day for the next few days and I really can't wait to do these photos. Don't you hate that? You 've got some great photos.... you feel inspired and know what you're going to do and then you don't have the time to do them.

With this shot I accidently got the effect I've been trying to get for weeks. This clear foreground and blurred background is an effect I've been going through all my old scrapbooking magazines to find the tutorial on it.... Which incidently didn't help me! When I found the tutorial it told me what to do but I didn't have corresponding buttons on my camera. So I went through the booklets for my camera but that didn't really help. So I randomly tried the different settings out... Still no luck and then BAM! This evening I fluke it! Probably can't reproduce this effect again to save my life but...... I did it here! yah!

DS did enjoy himself.... I promise! This was a concentrating expression as he tried to remember the steps to the dance. I was actually really proud of him though cause he participated this evening where usually he goes all shy and won't join in.

This is me doing the chicken dance..... lol......

And this fabulous clown is DS's teacher! What a great teacher she is! We're very lucky to have such a great teacher for DS's grade 1 teacher.
The best thing from a scrapbooking perspective is all the fabulous colours in her outfit open up the background and embellishment options enormously. Can't wait!!