Blurry photos aaaarhg

I love this photo of my son. It's perfect in every way except for the blurriness. I love the spontaneity the smile the BIG blue eyes just dancing with merriment..... What I don't love is the blurriness.

Now the problem is I don't understand why it is blurry. I had the settings on the camera set for automatic of kids and animals. So it is supposed to compensate for the fact that kids move..... and in other shots it has worked well but for some reason it came out blurry this time. Any ideas? Any advice on how I can stop this happening? .... please, please, please guys I'm desperate here!


Anonymous said…
I can't help with the blurry issue but can you use it anyway?
Anonymous said…
Do you zoom a lot? It is harder to focus when you have it zoomed and you are holding it. Try using a monopod, it will help your keep steady.
The Scrap Miser said…
Yes I do zoom ALOT..... lol... but I thought having the setting on 'movement' would make up for any slight movement I made. So obviously not?... lol.... thanks guys!

I do zoom alot cause I have heaps of photos of my childhood in the 70's (oops giving away my age again) where the photo was taken from too far away. Plus I love to record how cute the kids are at each age. Aren't we lucky though that digital cameras are so cheap and have so many functions that weren't available on our mums little automatic kodak camera's in the 70's.