20 year school reunion

My 20 year school reunion was this Saturday night! Here is a photo of me and my best friends as we left for the reunion. I'm in pink.......

The evening was amazing. Catching up with people you didn't really talk to that much when you were at school is interesting...... You really get to know them for the first time more than renew your friendship. I don't know about everyone else but I think its kind of funny how people get caught up with remembering you as you were and pigeon holeing you? At least that's what seems to happen to me. I know I've had lots of therapy since those days and have changed ALOT!
Not everyone I went to school with has changed or grown in the last 20 years though... SCARY! Quite a few people were exactly the same!
But I did wonder why most of the guys got Fat, Bald and Grey whereas most of the women got better looking, more stylish and generally fabulous and they've had children?

I did mention my blog to everyone there so be prepared for comments that don't relate to topic. My year at school was populated by alot of funny people. Most of us see each other alot though because my hometown is such a lovely place and perfect for bringing up kids so even though many of them had travelled and been all over the world they still come back to our sleepy little hollow when it's time to raise their kids.

It was father's day today and we had a great day! Despite mummy getting home in the wee small hours of the morning and a little drunk..... we got up early gave my DH his presents and then I made Eggs Benedict for him. We had no family committments to fulfil today so DH went to the movies on his own (ah heaven without the kids!) and then I cooked him a lamb roast for dinner. While DH was at the movies I took the kids to the beach (two blocks from home and got some gorgeous shots that I can't wait to print and scrap.. see below).
I've been exploring my camera settings a bit lately and got these shots from all the way up the beach so the kids were more natural and not so posed. I especially love the shot of them running from the waves.