I'm going to the Paper Craft Festival - Today

I'm excited guys. I'm having a day off from the kids and going with my best scrap buddy to the paper crafts festival at the RNA Showgrounds. I'm not going to be spending much money as I don't have any spare at the moment. All my usual fail safe's have been used up already and with DH not having worked in 3 months reserves are running low. So this will be a look and get ideas adventure today. I'm taking my camera too! In case I see anything fabulous to share with you all.

I'm also taking a packed lunch (miser tip for all). I've budgeted $30 for me to spend today and $10 to get in and I decided I wasn't going to waste $10 on lunch so I've packed us a sandwich and drink to take along... I learnt this one the hard way last time. The little kiosk's they have set up at these events charge exorbitant prices and last time I went to a fair I had to go take extra money out of the bank to have lunch... $3.80 for a bottle of water? I know we're in a drought at the moment but that is ridiculous especially when regular retail is $2.20.

Later tonight I hope to update you with the photos of the layouts I did with the "Sunlight through her hair" photo and the "Cowboy" at the school dance. I love how these turned out.. will share later... anyway for now I'm off to look and learn!