Happy New Year 2013

Hey Bloggers,
Welcome to another year of my ramblings. 2012 was a fabulous year for me. I began the year designing for Australian Scrapbook Ideas Magazine. (I was so honoured to have this opportunity and enjoyed my assignments for them immensely)  Was published in a Cricuit Magazine (This was such a wonderful opportunity as this is an international publication... still amazed by this), continued teaching at my local scrapbook store (Arnolds Scrapbooking Store) and now have a job there two days a week. I love that! Being in the shop gives me the chance to do what I love best "help others scrapbook". I also love seeing what's coming before anyone else! I sometimes take a while to warm up to a pattern so this is awesome for me as it allows me to decide if I like something and get my samples made before everyone else buys it out! lol... That's one of the other things I love about my job! I get paid to make samples for the shop. So during downtime in the shop I get to create. How cool is that?

2012 bought lots of highs and lows in my private life too.... teaching me alot about myself. Sometimes the learning process is difficult with lots of stress and/or pain but it is necessary and after you emerge from that cocoon you are a new person.  I love to scrapbook those lessons whenever possible to help me in the healing process. Often the layout itself doesn't show the pain but the triumph at the end but I know the journey when I look back at that page. These are often my butterfly pages. I use butterflies as embellishments on pages where I (or my subject matter) have emerged from the cocoon. I like to use symbolism in my work.  Sometimes if you're scrapbooking something really monumental it's a good idea to add hidden journalling. One day your great grand children will find it and have a window into your world they wouldn't of seen otherwise. I know its difficult sometimes but it really is cathartic to create something beautiful from your pain.

2013 is looking like more of the same wonderful opportunities.  This year I hope to show you lots of ideas on a more regular basis as I'll have the time to create more... after all it's part of my job. I hope you find some inspiration for your own layouts or projects and share them back with me.

Christmas bought a new family member to our clan too! Of the furry kind! Don't worry guys I didn't forget to tell you anything.  The look on the kids faces Christmas morning was priceless. So look out for lots of layouts of our newest furry family member.

This is Max. He's a Bichon Frisse x Jack Russell.... and already he has to be the most loved dog on the planet! The kids have been really good so far with letting him sleep... as long as it's on them they're happy to sit for the duration of the nap.

So here's to another great year together guys this will be I think, my 8th year of blogging, thank you to those of you who have been with me on this journey from the beginning and welcome to any newcombers. I hope you enjoy my ramblings. I love to hear what you've been doing if you've been inspired by something I've written or a project I've done. I especially love it if you have a thrifty idea you'd like to share with us all. Please leave a comment on any post you think it applies to.