November classes I'll be teaching at Arnolds Scrapbooking Store

Here are the classes I'll be teaching at Arnolds Scrapbooking Store. There are lots of other things on offer by the other teachers if none of my creations take your fancy. LOL  go to: and browse the class list. You won't get photos of all the classes though. But if you join the mailing list they'll email you out photos of each week's classes as they approach. Hope to see you at one of my classes..... and if you come don't forget to tell me you read my blog. Luv to meet some of my readers.

This is a really great present idea. It's a folder and birtday book and a selection of cards to go into the folder.
 This class is called golden angels. The large brown box is a writing set. The gold purse is a chocolate gift. The round box is a really nice gift idea as it is a box filled with angel wings and a lovely sentiment. The small butterfly box will hold a small piece of jewellry and the card has a gorgeous golden angel charm on it.
 This selection of gifts using one of the kaiser christmas papers include a gift certificate holder, card with a tea bag for friends now moved far away, a CD holder and a card and envelope for a gift card. The paper shoe holds lollies and is a great xmas gift idea.
 This set of gifts are designed for your child's teacher. The class has been designed so the kids can do the class themselves. There is a notebook, post-it-notes book, writing set, card and small canvas on an easel.
Well hope you enjoyed your peek at my classes for November. If you'd like to come to a class just call Arnolds Scrapbooking store on: 07 32934390 to book in.