Alphabet Stickers

Hi Everyone,

I have been very busy re decorating my daughters' bedroom.  I have moved both the girls into the one room so we can have the other room as a playroom. So...... of course we needed to redecorate. I got some bunkbeds on Ebay and have painted them to suit the theme and have used some scrapbooking supplies to make the sign for the door (I'll upload photos soon) but what I wanted to let you know is if you use alphabet stickers or thickers and have some in your stash but they've gotten to the point where you can't use them anymore as there aren't enough letters left on the sheet, instead of buying another packet of the same I buy white stickers of thickers and then use them with the other left overs.  For the sign for the girls door I have used some blue thickers and then I used white ones that I stamped with a lace stamp in purple. (The girls room is blue and puple). But if you don't want to alternate your colours you can colour the entire letter in the same colour.  I find this saves me buying lots of different alphabets to match my layouts.

Photos to come...... I've been at the dentist today so I just can't make the effort to get you those photos today...... sorry guys.