Fathers Day Stall - Gifts

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I've been unavailable for a while now..... I've been busy organising the school fathers day stall at my kids school. I was very lucky to have some wonderful mum's and dad's making some of the gifts and even some of the kids at school pitched in.

We ended up with enough gifts for 850 students to buy a few things for their dad's.

But now I can't wait to get back into some scrapbooking. Of course my scrapbooking skills did come in handy .... turning rubbish into gifts.... Like my seed raising kits, my desktop zen gardens and money boxes as well as the photo thingys for the fridge... I loved the soap on a rope (the saying by Bill Cosby made it: " Fatherhood is pretending the thing you want most in the world is soap on a rope) or the cool shaving brush kits that say: "Fatherhood is like shaving. No matter how good a job you do today you still have to get up and shave again tomorrow".... Or my washing powder scoops filled with 'love' lollies that say " a scoop full of love from me to you to show how much I care"............anyway enjoy: hope you get some great ideas for your own fundraising activities..... Bookmarks
Fridge Photo thingys

Fish Ornament

Soap on a Rope

Door Hangers

Desktop Zen Gardens


#1 Dad / Grandfather Ribbons

Lollies in a Hankie

Scrapbooked mini canvas on an easel (sorry about the flash)

Round Tuits

Seed Raising Kits

Checkers Games

Worlds Greatest Dad Poem

World's Greatest Dad Hanging Award

You are a Star Hanging Award

A Man's Worth Measurement

Armchair Football Survival Kit

Pen Holders

Money Boxes

Scoop full of Love

Survival Kits

Shaving Brush and soap

Chip off the Old Block Boxes


Various tools


Magnet 2 Do Notebooks with Pens

Stess Balls

Desk Organisers


Anne P said…
Fantastic ideas here Kyra. job well done.