Digi Scrap a Nappy Bag

Here are the two options I created for my nappy bag. I'm getting it printed at the photo lab on their large Messenger Bag.
Hubby chose option 1 as his favourite.... So that's the one I'm going with.
I thought I'd share this idea with you as it gives you a cheaper option on the nappy bag front. The messenger bag was $59.00 including printing whereas a nappy bag from a baby shop costs upwards of $80.00 so a $30.00 saving PLUS it's so ORIGINAL!
Option 1 is a template by Rhonna Farrer which I have used before for a ballet layout for DD1. This time I just added some Rhonna Farrer glitter swirls and Option 2 is a range by Shabby Princess.
When its done I may sew on some sequins or beads or even extra ribbon for added texture and interest....... depends how much time I have on my hands.... LOL!