Update on New Video

Well the new video was too big for YouTube so DH has to edit it into two parts for you all.... sorry about the delay. he only told me this yesterday so I've been blissfully unaware that everyone didn't get the video when I said you did. Sorry about that! Anyway he is now feeling better after having the flu so I think he'll be able to get to it in the next day or two.

Not last weekend the weekend before he went to Sydney for what turned out to be four days and went to the Anthony Robbins Seminar and actually did the firewalk! How brave he is... and no blisters or anything! But I think the late nights, early mornings and then plane flight home late at night with the diseased masses and starting work EARLY the next morning played havoc with his ammunity. Usually he's the last one to get a cold or flu especially now that he's drinking Mona Vie. But this little bug was particularly virrulent cause he went down like a sack of spuds for the last week.

But by the sound of him he's now mending pretty well.... I can tell cause he's checking on me more and more..... LOL.... I have had a cough and slight cold (wicked hacking sound) for a week and it's been getting progressively worse so, that combined with the back problems, leg cramps, heart burn and general lack of mobility of pregnancy has meant I'm not that sympathetic to his plight... Can't wait to have this baby... I'm not a very good pregnant person.. Way too whingey... Luckily a friend of mine is also pregnant with her third child at the moment, (though she's 8 years younger than me) and is also a bad pregnant person so we whinge to each other.. LOL!