Double Page Wedding Layout - In the Church

Hi everyone. This is my latest wedding album contribution. I have used a fabulous paper from the DCWV (Die Cuts With a View) Once Upon A Time Paper Pads for this double page spread. I don't know if you can see it very well but the background paper has a sketch of the inside of a huge cathedral..... which I thought rather appropriate for my photos of the ceremony. Our church wasn't as grand as this.... but it was still rather cute.
I have decided to add lots of hidden journalling behind the photos so that the kids can get a real feel for the day. Lots of information that wouldn't interest anyone else. Like we didn't choose the church. The priest I wanted was retired and had to ask a friend if he could borrow their church for the day. So we only got to see the church when we turned up for rehersal, but there was a mix up that night and we couldn't get in.... we actually did our rehersal in front of the church... So the first time we saw the church was when we turned up to get married. It looked great though as my mother made crotchet bells and flower bunches to hang from the pews and anywhere else they would fit. Also Father Mel was undergoing chemotherapy at the time so he was a little forgetful and forgot to say "you may now kiss the bride".... but we got there at the end.... and most bizarre of all when we were married the church bells were rung.... the first dong sounded more thud because there was a pigeon in the bell who got squashed by the ringing of the bell. So the bell ringer was showered in carcass and feathers..... Hmmmm lucky we're not superstitious!
My point is though that we have alot of memories to share with the kids and often in trying to fit that into a layout we shortcut the information so I'm going to do both. The visible information of general interest and then the hidden pull out or lift up journalling to fill in all the quirky information the kids will love reading about!


Deb D said…
The hidden journalling is a great idea. I'm sure the kids will enjoy hearing about the funny little things that happened...I did lol. They'll love to read about your feelings of the day especially as they get older. Your LO is lovely.

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