Make Your Own Cards as Gifts

I have been very busy churning out the christmas gifts. This latest gift was very labour intensive..... I have filled a box received from a present with hand made cards. I will then give this box full of cards to someone as a present so they will always have a card for any occaision throughout the year. The best thing about this was I got to use up lots of my scraps.

Here are some of the cards I made:


Anonymous said…
Now that is a Really good idea with what you can do with all those 'little bits' of paper and embelishments!
The Scrap Miser said…
This gift went over a treat! The recipient was very grateful. And as she is a very busy career woman she appreciated having a stock on hand. I actually got the idea for this from my sister-in-law who purchased a beautiful kit from the states. I also added a very pretty pen with a crystal angel attached (cost: $2.95)