Paper Clay Christmas Decorations

I love to give presents I've made myself and this year is no different. Here's one present I made for my girlfriend which she seemed to like alot. It's hand made christmas tree ornaments.

These decorations were made using my paper clay receipe. I used chocolate moulds to create the shapes and then purchased the wire hangers and attached the painted paper clay decorations to the wire hangers and added the beading to make them more interesting.he
The green star has been created using opals embossing powders. I melted the powders and then used a cookie cutter to create the shape. When the liquid cooled I separated out the shape.


Miche said…
these are gorgeous! i would love to get tips on how to make these :o) you have been very busy this year, i feel like i have no excuse to have stopped blogging! shame on me :o)

fabulous work!
The Scrap Miser said…
Sorry for not outlining this better for everyone. All I've done is take the air dry clay and push it into some chocolate moulds (which I sprayed with canola oil). I gently removed them from the mould and stuck a pin through the top then placed them back in the mould. I then left them to dry for 24hrs. When I removed them from the mould I then left them to dry fr another 24hrs just to be certain the clay had cured. I then painted them. After painting I threaded fishing line through the hole, added some beading an then attached them to these cool little wire hangers I found at the $2 shop ($2 for 20). I thought they added a more professional look to my finished product.

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