Shopping Bags A Great Find!

Shopping Bags a great find!
In my search for the cheapest scrapbooking layout ever I have discovered shopping bags. What I love about these is they're free with any purchase!

A clothing retailer in my local area has created my absolute favourite scrapbooking supply.... it's a shopping bag.

This particular shopping bag is a clear plastic with white swirls and designs all over it and then the company name in big pink letters. The letters are ideal as part of a monogram (I cut them out then stick them to the back page of an old notebook.... {another free material} You can then either cut the letter out again or paint the cardboard before adhering the letter and cutting a shape such as a square or circle with this letter in the centre. I then add a sticker or embellishment and there you have it a monogram!) The rest of the bag is ideal as a background...... I sew it to the page and have even sewn it to a piece of cardstock that is then folded into an envelope. The only thing you need to be careful of is that the plastic is sewn on to the cardstock flat and that there are no airbubbles or creases..... unless you intend them like a fan or pleats.

You will also find many paper bags that you receive your purchased goods in which can be useful scrapbooking supplies. These are fabulous because..... Yep you guessed it... they're free. Simply paint them to get the desired colour scheme.


Bingo Wentworth said…
Great Idea, I can't wait to learn more :)