Why Fans Are Hooked on Baseball

America’s pastime is baseball. Sports fans have been captivated from its inception and the sport has been going strong for one hundred years. The sport of baseballs has many parts that are unique to the game. Many other sports share rules, features, and scoring systems. A goalie tends to a net which you need to score in for both the games of hockey and soccer. Basketball and football require extreme athleticism to be successful. No other sports really have anything in common with baseball though.

Another huge part of baseball's draw aside form its uniqueness is how accessible for the fans of the game. One way or another a day of playing baseball can be enjoyed by everyone. Playing catch can be done between friends with a ball and mitts. When a few more people are around they can go out to pitch and hit. More people than this means that playing a full game can be considered. This accessibility in such a variety of ways is what really brings people all around to baseball.

Fan accessibility also translates to a day at the ballpark for fans. A great distance separates fans of other sports from the playing field and barriers remove them even further. In baseball players and fans constantly interact throughout the game. The fans are right on top of the game, balls are thrown to fans by players on the field, and often bullpen pitchers will spend their day chatting with fans seated near. In many cases fans have even had huge impacts on the results of games!

These are just a fraction of the large amount of reasons that baseball is America’s favorite sport. It is really incredible that the top spot among sports is held by baseball when it is played in a country that holds the most plentiful array of top professional sports leagues in the world. Yet everyone who has been out to a baseball game before can completely understand the captivation.


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