Creative Craft Ideas

by: Canon Australia

Stuck for gift ideas? While it's easy to jump online and buy something at the last minute - there's still something touching about receiving a homemade and personalised gift - and we're not talking about embarrassing Christmas jumpers. If you've got a bit of creative flair, there are a number of great ways to personalise the gifts you give and show someone you care - consider these creative craft ideas:

Scrapbooks and photo albums - relive some of those all important moments. Scrapbooking is a fun group activity to complete and they're the perfect gift idea for weddings, graduations, birthdays or anniversaries - any commemorative event. With digital cameras and photo editing software- it's easy to edit your favourite photos and add captions so you can remember the moment exactly how you want to. Meanwhile, photo printers let you print lab quality photos for the most brilliant scrapbook and photo albums.

Crafts - ceramics, glass work, beading, knitting, embroidery - there are a number of ways to create something beautiful and functional. If you don't consider yourself to be the crafty type, you can still purchase some plain, simple items such as picture frames or boxes and then add your own decorations and a bit of personal flair.

Cards - sometimes, a card really does say it all. With quality inkjet printers , you can make your greeting card stand out and tailor it with a fun personal message. Canon's Creative Park has a number of great greeting card templates, including unique 3D cards and fun envelopes to make the greeting pop - literally!

Digital gifts - do you know your way around Photo Shop or are you a pro with slideshows and presentations? There are number of ways you can turn your graphic and computer skills into a standout gift. Put together a digital slideshow or movie, make an animation or design a fun digital greeting card. Bring back the mix tape - why not put together a personalised music compilation with a designed CD cover and label?

What's your creative craft?

This article is brought to you by Canon Australia - Creative Craft Ideas. For more great ideas for your printers and equipment to suit your home office or small business needs, visit the Canon website.