Bamboo Or Egyptian Cotton?

If you are looking to purchase a new set of sheets, you may find it difficult to decide between the Egyptian cotton or the bamboo. This is a hard choice when it comes right down to it. Both of these fabrics have great qualities about them.  The choice is going to be extremely personal. Many more people are familiar with Egyptian cotten then they are with bamboo.

If you are looking at a set of sheets and they have an extremely high thread count, you are probably looking at Egyptian cotton. These sheets can have a very long life because of how well made they are. The high thread count of Egyptian cotton is part of what gives it such a luxurious feel. You may not immediately knotice now soft these cotton sheets can feel.  As you wash them and use them you will feel how soft they can be. Soft sheets are at the top of my list for sleeping necessities. Cotton breathes well so you won’t feel like you are smoldering during the night. Compared to bamboo sheets they are on the less expensive side as far as price.

Bamboo is a sustainable resource and uses no pesticides to grow therefore pretty environmentally friendly as far as that part of production. If you are "going green" bamboo sheets may be just what you are looking for. When compaired to Egyptian cotton, bamboo sheets have a lower thread count.  Ironically, bamboo is just as soft (if not softer) then Egyptian cotton. Bamboo is touted to be hypoallergenic, and also have some surprising antibacterial qualities to them. Bamboo is a bit more insulating then cotton so it has the ability to keep you warm but can breathe as to not keep you too warm.

Either of these fabrics will feel great to you. Egyptian cotton is less expensive then bamboo, but bamboo is a renewable resource. You will need to decide what will fit your needs the most. If you don't mind the extra cost, the bamboo sheets may shock you.


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