An Angel to Watch Over Me

Here's how I used the co-ordinating kit I got from the discount store. You know the kinds of shops they sell lots of cheap toys, ornaments, kitchenware and craft items.

Anyway I used these papers and embellishments to do the photos of my kids waiting in the doorway. (Regular readers will know this one as I asked you guys for title submissions). I got some great suggestions but in the end went with "An Angel to watch over ME".
I thought this was most fitting as my son is really such a sweet angel. He's so good! He never gets in trouble! He never had a naughty phase either. You know terrible two's or whatever. He never went through a hitting or biting phase, like some kids do. You know the ones that just turn on their playmates for no reason and smack the crap out of them. Must say DD didn't go through any of those phases either. She just throws a tanty if she doesn't get her way. But DS well he's just a very considerate boy! A joy to parent! And because he's such a guardian angel to my daughter I thought this title suggestion the most appropriate. Sorry to the rest of you!

I used the patterned papers to cover the chipboard letters for "Angel" and "Me", alternating the papers for effect. (Also means there are HEAPS of supplies left in this kit.)

I also used a great heidi swapp stamp for extra effect. I actually used Making Memories paint on this stamp rather than ink as I stamped on my photos too! I liked this stamp alot when I saw it and it was surprisingly cheap so I grabbed it! (Its called Swirl Item#HS64372 for anyone interested.) I like to buy stamps with my scrap budget as they are a tool that can be used over and over again for different effects so your scrap dollar goes much further.

Anyway that's the finished layout thanks for the input guys hope you like it!


Deb D said…
Cute layout! and don't worry we'll get over it that you chose that title hehe...just tricking! It is a perfect title for such a sweet did you do it?! Great that he looks after his little sister and a lovely thing to encourage him when he looks thru the album as he grows older.
The Scrap Miser said…
I can't take any of the credit.... he's just that sweet. he ALWAYS says "Guess what Mummy?" and I say what? and he says "I LOVE YOU!"... I'm just lapping that up as much as possible before he's an uncommunicative teenager... He now has DD doing the same.