Away for a Week

This family portrait was taken last July so we're nearly due for another. This is the next project on my "must do list".... which I hope to get to sometime after this week...

We'll be away for the next week so you won't be able to contact me via email until next Saturday. We're taking a holiday to the Sunshine Coast so I should have lots of lovely photos to scrapbook on our return.

While I'm away why not take the opportunity to talk to other scrapbookers on my forum about ideas for saving on your scrapbooking...... or whatever else takes your fancy.... You've got the place to yourselves for a week without my looking in so make the most of it!

This is a long overdue break for us. It's been two years since our last vacation to the coast for a few days and prior to that 10 years since our last holiday! So we're going to make the most of it no matter what the weather! Though I'd like some sunshine if it could be arranged (cross your fingers for me).

Take care guys see you next Saturday.


Deb D said…
Beautiful family portrait!
Ashley said…
Lovely portrait!