Scrapbook a Candle!

Here's a great gift idea I forgot to share with you at Christmas. I went to a Stamp-In-Up Party a few months ago and the demonstrator shared with us this nifty idea. Stamp an image on a piece of tissue paper. Then cut out the image. Don't go too close to the edges. Then get a piece of baking paper and wrap it around the image and around the candle and extend it past the object to give yourself something to hold onto. Hold the two ends of the paper in one hand. Then turn on your heat gun and lightly wave it over your stamped image. You want to do this in little spurts as you're trying to melt a little of the wax to hold the image in place but you don't want to distort the shape of your candle. When that's complete you can add extra details like I did here with the ribbon and a split pit to hold it.

I made these three candles to go with a calendar, receipe book, notebook present I made for someone.