Disney Princess Bedroom

Bedroom Decorating Secrets Revealed Here!

And here is my daughters redecorated bedroom. The walls are a roll that I purchased on the weekend for $20. (Big W stocks these in the party section and they're produced by disney). The worst part was that the rolls are a plastic and it was VERY HOT when we were putting it up.... lots of sweating was endured let me tell you... Mostly by DH (as I don't feel the heat as bad as him)!

So I have treated her bed and wardrobe and duchess as "Off the page projects" to make them that bit more special.

I had ALOT of fun doing this room. Under the bed is a little cubby house feel now with the curtains I added. The curtains are a set I've owned for 15 years and all I did was dye them (the dye didn't take to well though, so they only have a hint of pink to them... which is probably good as there is so pink in there already) and cut them down to size. I'm going to attach some of those little scrapbooking butterflies to the curtains and then I'm FINISHED!


Anonymous said…
OMG what a big job...lovely for your little princess!
The Scrap Miser said…
thanks we're enjoying the view much better than plain white walls.