Flowers are Beautiful Layout

Here's another layout I just finished. This one is done using Rhonaa Farrer Designs from the 2 Peas Range. I love this photo. It's just my DD riding around our carport on her bicycle but her smile and the way the painted concrete has mottled into such a nice background. The gorgeous dress was purchased as her Summer/Christmas Party Dress and got ALOT of use over Christmas. It was one of those dresses that as soon as I saw it I knew she'd LOVE! DD loves purple!!!!

I've been very busy around the house at the moment as my DH has been helping me relocate some furniture around the house. We've moved the computer desk into my daughter's room. To make this happen we had to re-organise the furniture in my daughters room and so we took the opportunity to do a little redecorating. We put up some temporary wallpaper so now her room looks like a princess's palace from a disney cartoon. Of course all of this effort is really for my benefit as I never got a little girl's bedrom when I was a little as I shared a room with my grandmother ..... so consequenlty I'm OVER compensating in my daughter's room.... I'll show you some photo's when I've finished it all... I just have to hang the curtains tomorrow and it'll be done!

Then I can start working on my scrap space. Because the computer desk has moved there will be more room in there so I'm moving my desk to the opposite wall and the shelves behind me and then I'm going to use the largest block of styrofoam I've ever seen (packaging from a recent purchase) to act as an extra shelf behind the desk to hold a set of drawers I was given recently. I'm very excited anyway! You know what it's like to tweak your space to give you the best use of the available square metres and then you try to fulfill as many of your working needs as possible from the one layout. This will depend on how you work and your creative process but for me it means having chipboard, embellishments and stamps within easy reach.

But it's time for bed now and I'll tackle all those jobs tomorrow.... then I'll be itching to do some scraping in my new and improved space..... lol...