Work Provides Free Supplies

I was at work today and in my usual fashion of seeing everything as a possible scrapbook supply I discovered a few great supplies.

First I found that the labels you put through the computer and print addresses on and such... well I've kept the outside pieces after the labels have all been used. This is great cause it's sticky backed and I'm just going to stamp it and make borders I can use on my layouts (not on the photo's though as I'm not sure if this is acid and lignin free). I've also discovered that alot of packaging gets thrown out with free chipboard in it but also lovely clear plastic shapes you can use as a shaker. And then there is the CD's we print on and burn our own product to..... any mistakes are mine! These are great for layouts where I'm using a song as my title. There is also a clear plastic CD in the packaging that the CD's come in so I can design my own CD with a really different edge to it.

Of course there are the usual supplies you think of from the office like paper clips and staples and discarded folders.

And finally there is a clear sticker on my laptop to protect it in transit... I think I'll take this off and stamp it and decorate it then put it on a layout..... or I could leave it there and just have the funkiest laptop in the office! Add some bling! I like it! This might just have to be tomorrows project....mmmm.....