First Day of School layout.

Today I managed to do some scrapbooking with my best scrapbuddy. We had a great day! We exchange tools, share supplies, talk, scrap and share the duty of watching our four kids play. I love these days as we share information on where we found the best deals recently and any sales we might be interested in. Today I finished this layout and planned another two.

Well it is the end of the first school term and I have finally done my sons first day of school page. I had a creative block on this page as I'm not very keen on this shade of green. After posting some help questions on the message boards I went away in search of paper that would follow that advice and here is the finished page. It didn't turn out too bad. Not one of my best but certainly not one of my worst!

So to all the scrappers who graciously gave their advice thank you. I don't feel so put off by this uniform now and feel better equiped to do the next six and 3/4 years of photos!


Anonymous said…
It looks great. Green isn't so bad afer all.
The Scrap Miser said…
Thanks! I was really put off by this shade of green until I went to the message boards for some advice.

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