Hair Clip Packaging = Ribbon Slide

I discovered that if I cut up the packaging that my daughters hair clips come in I have a very cheap ribbon slide. It is really easy to attach the little knick knacks that come off all the clips to this plastic or to write on it. You can even use it as the mechanism for attaching your ribbon to the page by adding a second one at the other end. And its FREE!

I go through ALOT of Hairclips! My daughter seems to have an amazing way of only getting one wear out of a clip! Problem is she needs to wear them otherwise there is a mass of curls in her eyes. So seeing as how I have to spend money on hairclips I 've been finding ways to make them into a scrapbooking supply.

For instance all the little bows, bling and flowers are used as embellishments on my layouts and now the packaging is used too!


I'm not understanding this concept? Do you cut across and use it as a strip with the ribbon flowing horizontally., The bottom pic is hard to view, but I'm thinking that's the concept. Do you have this used on a completed page that I can view? Thanks again for sharing, Laurie from Michigan, U.S.A.
The Scrap Miser said…
I haven't got an example of this to show you... I tend to get more ideas than I have time to use... So many ideas... too little time! LOL! I'll see what I can do about remedying that.