Guess What? - I LOVE YOU!

I was looking through the 2 Peas Message Boards tonight and came across an entry that I loved. The author of this post: Noell Hyman sent me to her blog (see link above) to read a story of a conversation she had with her child. Then she said: "Did my story trigger any kind of memory for you? Even a totally unrelated memory? Write it down, right now.
If you have a blog, post your story and then leave a comment here with a direct link to the entry. If you create a layout with it, that is even better! Share the layout with us!
If you do not have a blog you can participate, too. Just share your story by leaving it as a comment. I’m so excited to see what you come up with."

I love this idea so I'm participating here.

I have an ongoing conversation with my kids where I say "Guess What?" and then we race each other to say "LOVE YOU" fastest! I started this because my mum was never very good at saying "I Love You". Now I know she did love me. I've never doubted this. I know that I was her happiness! But she wasn't very good at saying it....... because it wasn't said to her very much.

So I wanted to be able to say I LOVE YOU to my kids FOREVER! I didn't want this ritual to end when they got too big. Or too embarrassed by me. So we have our own secret I LOVE YOU code word. "Guess What = I Love You"!

I also have stolen Dr Phil's conversation with his kids and every night when I tuck them into bed I say "Out of all the little girls/boys in all the world I got the best one!" My daughter says it with me and says "No I got the best one!" I'm sure she will when she has a daughter one day.

I love how they call me "mumma" at the moment! Wish I could keep that title forever!

Did this trigger a memory for you? I'd love to hear about a regular conversation you have with your kids.


Anonymous said…
What a great little detail to document! I have noticed that I say "I love you" all day to my four-year-old but with my older two I tend only to say it during transitional moments like bedtime. I know I used to say it more when they were younger. It's interesting how age changes things and what a great idea to make a game out of it to keep it comfortable!

Thanks for playing along with story-writing!
Ours is still at 11 tucking my dd in and we do ritual kisses. We start with regular, then an eskimo (rub noses) then butterfly (batting lashes on each others cheeks) fishy kissy (suck your cheeks in and scrunch your lips!) then we kiss each others rt and left cheek and finish off with our regular kiss. It's funny after all these yrs we still say the type of kiss before we do them, like fishy, eskimo, butterfly..the left and rt cheek kisses we call french sounds gross but we know what it means... I just know there will be a time when that stops it already isn't every night anymore, seems w/ summer holiday she is gone alot or has overnights here so that's outta the ? with her friends here,. it will be just a memory as it is with my son, he is 3rd yr engineer student lol Thanks that was sweet.