Why being a scrapmiser doesn't mean you lack supplies.

Being a scrapmiser doesn't mean you have to miss out on the newest crazes. In fact I think it can mean the exact opposite. By saving money on my supplies I can then take my budget and put it towards that new tool or other scrapbooking supply that I really really want.

For instance by saving money on my cardstock (by buying in bulk) I then have more of my budget to spend on other things, like stamps. I have a $10 a week habit. If I need to buy cardstock or paper then it has to come out of that $10. If I want a $30 tool then I have to wait three weeks before I can have it. I have a jar where I put my weekly scrapbooking allowance. If I'm out and I spend $2 then I have to take $2 out of the jar and put it back into housekeeping. If I have alot of change in my wallet I will add that to my scrapbooking jar or if I find change in the washing... you bet ya it goes in my jar (that's my "tip" for doing the washing... makes it a bit less of a chore and a bit of a hopeful pocket hunt.)

I highly recommend this form of budgeting. By keeping strictly to the budget I am able to curb my spending considerably. If you want to scare yourself a bit, get an envelope and throughtout the year place all your receipts for scrapbooking purchases in there. At the end of the year take them all out and add them up and you'll probably be shocked at how much you spent over the year. I also find that this makes me stop and consider my purchase more carefully. When I first started scrapbooking I purchased lots and lots of sticker ($2 a turn but not such a great bargain now 2 years later when they still haven't been used). It is very difficult to purchase without a layout in mind and I have found this kind of purchasing leads to alot of supplies sitting unused.

So what to do with them? I suggest a swap with other scrappers in your area. Or better yet put together a pack and sell them on ebay. That'll give you more dollars to spend clear of your usual budget.

I also keep a wishlist for my friends and family so that when they're buying me a birthday present they know exactly what to get me or if they'd prefer a list of shops I love to buy from so they can get me a gift voucher.

By being careful with the supplies I do have and not being wasteful, sticking to a budget, letting my friends and family be my enablers, swapping or selling any unused items, shopping with a friend and buying in bulk I not only save money..... I ensure that my stack of supplies is impressive enough that I can create at any time of the day or night I like without a trip to the shops!


Anonymous said…
I LOVE your budget jar idea. I think I should enforce that one on myself as I'm sure I spend too much on stickers and stuff that just seem to pile up.

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