Application for a Design Team

Well as a few of you know I'm applying for a design team. It's very exciting. The challenge this week was to make some cards. I don't do this very often. I have such alot of scrapbooking pages to complete so I'm usually focusing my time on working on the backlog of photos' waiting for me. So this was rather nice. A chance to be creative for the sake of being creative! I wish I could put my work up here so you could all check it out and vote for the ones you like best. As usual when I press my creative button I get carried away and do way more than I was asked to do... then I have to chose my favourite.... Very hard! Oh well the challenges finish this week so I should be able to put up my work for you all to critque in..... a couple of months.... (lol... don't worry if I;m accepted I'm sure I'll be able to upload them sooner) In the mean time I'll be waiting with all my fingers crossed for the results....

To keep myself occupied I've been doing alot of writing lately. If you click on the link ( it'll take you to a page of my submitted articles. I find it very therapeutic and would recommend to anyone to jump on there and write some articles. It's kind of healing..... and you get paid for your work (not much ...but every cent helps when you're looking for an income stream to fund your scrapbooking habit)

Well I'm off to work on that layout of my son's first day of school. I finally found some papers I like and have gotten all the photo's printed. Then I need to do my daughter's first ballet class..... See now why it's so hard to do the backlog... I keep getting new and totally yummy pages to do... Oh well someones' gotta do it.....


Anonymous said…
Hi There,

well good luck with helium and your design for the card.

I've stopped by to see if you would like to exchange links.

I have a new scrapbooking website at

and was wondering if we could swap links.

email me at