Card Making Magazine

Today I hit the mother load of good value purchases. I purchased this magazine at my local newsagent. At $11.95 it is a bit steep but pretty average for scrapbooking magazines here. But here's the good news. With my magazine I received a double sided embossing template..... FREE... as welll as three pages of free papers and pictures to use for making cards and then I noticed as an added bonus that the packaging the magazine came in has a butterfly and hearts printed on the plastic... so I think I'll get a use out of the plastic wrapping as well!
I find magazines to be one of those purchases I'd prefer to do without as I can definitely think of better things to spend $11 on... but when I get a free stencil and free papers with it.. how can I resist?
But if you'd like to minimise your magazine purchases I suggest you borrow them from the library to peruse whenever possible. Also if you have to buy magazines buy them with a friend or take the yearly subscription saving and share it with someone else. One of my girlfriends was given a yearly subscription for her birthday last year and this was the gift that just kept on giving. The yearly subscription gift was a set of tester sized ink pads in every colour imaginable, then every month she received a magazine in her mailbox and every edition had a free giveaway. This was definitely the kind of gift I could get very jealous of.... Except I got to look at all her magazines after she finished so it was hard to stay envious....
I definitely think borrowing the magazines from the library though is the way to save the most money!