Lots of scrapbooking Planned!

I'm feeling very lucky. I'm scrapbooking tonight. I have a plan for a friend to come over next Friday and scrapbook (she's a newbie so it's fun sharing techniques and info) then the following weekend I'm having a scrapbooking day with my best scrapbuddy..... aaah bliss can it get any better than this?

I'm working on a layout at the moment of my kids sharing an ice-cream. It's one of those moments I'll want to share with them when they're teenagers and hate each other ... lol... anyway I'm pushing my usual design style a bit. Since doing the challenges for the design team I'm finding I'm stepping out of my comfort zone more and more. In this case I'm using three pattern papers. They're co-ordinating papers so I didn't have to "match" them myself but I would usually only use one pattern and two plains or if using more patterns I would use them in small sections or blocks... this one is a layered effect with lots of inking and chipboard.... I'm even using a fourth effect on the chipboard by painting it.... so I think creatively I've grown....

I haven't grown out of my miserly ways though... thank goodness! Today I scored three "bling" flowers off my daughter's hairclips.... I get tired of purchasing so many hairclips! But now it doesn't matter so much because I only buy ones that I like the accessory for my scrapbooking... this means when (notice I say when and not if) the hairclip breaks I have get a new embellishment.... yeah thank goodness for shoddy workmanship....

I'll upload the layout I'm working on tomorrow for your feedback.


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