Miserly Ways - revisted

Hi Guys,  When I started this blog my aim was to get people interested in scrapbooking who perhaps would not have done so because they thought it was too expensive. That hasn't changed but it has been some time since I reviewed my list of ways to save money on scrapbooking so I thoought I'd revisit those ideas for any newcomers to my blog.

My frist tip is to go shopping with a friend. Share the costs! I have a scrap buddy and she buys one stamp and I'll buy another which is especially good when they're Buy 2 get the 3rd free.... This allows us to pool our resources and take home lots plus have access to lots too! We borrow each others stuff regularly! That scrap buddy comes in handy for hint 2: buy in bulk. Sometimes you'll get a discount for buying in bulk.... do it! Also pattern papers come in lovely books with usually 2 of each pattern.... but you really only need one of each pattern. So again share it with your buddy.

My next tip (no 3) buy tools. If you have a limited budget spend your money on tools such as a punch that will allow you to make your own flowers... this will save you ALOT over time as you don't need to buy all the flowers for your layouts.

Tip No 4: use found items whenever possible. For instance I found a pretty dangling earing on the road one day and used it on a layout I was doing. I have also used the lining of the baby formula tins to cut letters and embellishments out of as it was a very thin metal and FREE! I also like to make something from my packaging. As you can see with my snow globe cards. I hate throwing out anything that might be repurposed as something else.

Tip No 5: Ideas... well this is so much easier than it was when I first started.  The internet has a wealth of sits and even tutorial videos' on YouTube. When I loaded my first video to youtube there were under 20 videos in the category..... OMG now there are more than I can count. This is fabulous for getting new ideas. Your local Scrapbook store should also have lots of  examples in store for you to get inspiration from. There are also lots of "challenge" blogs out there if you're looking at how to expand your creativity. When it comes to magazines I like a magazine that is good value for money and for that reason I don't think you can go past the magazine I design for "Australian Scrapbook Ideas Magazine".  Many years ago when I first started this blog there wasn't a great range of magazines available to choose from but even then I recommended the English version of this magazine. For your money you always get a free gift that is usually a great stamp or set of papers.

Tip 6 Use your left overs! At the end of a scrapbooking session I use the papers that I've just used to make a card, tag, gift bag. Anything I can! They all match perfectly so make the most of it.

Tip 7: Make your own embellishments! I make nearly all my flowers! I also cut my titles from paper whenever possible! My sister-in-law hand sews the title on her layouts.  This makes for a very economical title.

Well that's all I can think of right now.. Let me know if I've left any off.... It's a bit late and I'm tired so have probably forgotten heaps! Sorry girls!