They Love Each Other

So today I have a simple layout I put together digitally using a product I am trialing. The program I used is called My Memories Suite.

I have used other digital products before so this wasn't anything new to me. That said I still think the simplicity of this program would be easy to use no matter what your experience level. I didn't bother reading any of the instructions I just jumped straight into using it.

With the program you get a range of free papers and embellishments which means you can start working on a layout straight away. The thing I like was the papers and embellishments were easy to mix and match. Plus you can pick a textured paper and then change it's colour to any colour you like using the eye dropper facility.

There are also alot of pre designed pages for you to use if you aren't sure how to design one for yourself digitally all you do is add your photos.

The difference with this program when adding papers to your layout is to do them as "ad shapes"  which for me was a little different to other programs I've used before but still really simple and easy to navigate. 

What's not to like?  Well the download time for me was really long (an hour), but that could have more to do with how fast broadband is here in Australia than anything else. And I did have some trouble initially resizing my images but got the hang of this really quickly.  All in all I found this a really easy program to use and as you can see from my above layout you can still create some really nice pages with just the free papers and embellishments you get with the program.

So what's my final word?  I love it! Easy, Quick and really affordable at $39.99 with no other spend needed to get started. You can also use the program to do other publishing types of projects like printing your own calendar or cards or anything else you can imagine.

As I found this program easy to use, simple and good value for money I'm going to ad a link to my sidebar on where you can buy it..... plus cause you know I'm all about how to save on your scrapbooking.... if you use the coupon code provided you'll get $10 off the price!

Hope you enjoy using it and I'll put up more examples of my work as I get to play with it more and more.