MYO Flowers

I love using flowers on my layouts!  They're so pretty and add some beauty and softness to my pages.... but I don't luv the prices of some flowers. Like the prima range with the lace and pearl centres. Aren't they gorgeous? But I just can't pay $7.95 for three flowers. So recently I was looking through You Tube and watching some of the fabulous videos available on making flowers.  There are so many different ways to make flowers, each giving a unique look and no matter what your skill level you'll find a flower you can make.   But while I was looking I realised that there isn't a video on a flower I make. So I'll be uploading a video of this soon. My flowers are very cheap! (Were you expecting anything less from me? LOL). I make them out of tissue paper and can get at least 45 flowers out of one packet of tissue paper. So keep an eye out for this upcoming video.