Mothers Inspire the Soul

Here it is: My first class for Arnolds Scrapbooking.

This is a shabby vintage styled canvas. I have created the layout (canvas) to be able to fit several different kinds of photos. The "Mother" can be replaced with "Friends" or "Daughters" so you can use a more appropriate photo.

My usual scrapmiserly ways were challenged I can tell you. I had to create the canvas and always keep in mind the unit cost of every item on the canvas so the whole project was still cheap enough for people to do as a class.

I think a black and white photo looks great on this layout but a light pink themed photo would also look great.

I have now got three themes that are recurring in my work. The hand stitching which I love. My sister in law does this alot on her layouts and I always think it makes a layout look really well loved. You have put in alot of work on that layout if you have hand stitched on it! I am also really feeling my chipboard elements lately and finally the inking. I am distressing things alot with inked edges lately. Hopefully I'll get a new favourite technique soon. LOL

So if you live near Rothwell, QLD feel free to sign up for this class on the 10th of September... my first class... how exciting!


sundownerin said…
that look wonderful!!

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