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It's been ages since my last post.. so much has happened..

Let's see I had a virus on my computer so couldn't get into here for ages... my baby turned 1 in december, she's walking and says a few words... like "UP" and "Ra ra" (that's her big sister) Dadad, Kyra (she is now also calling me mum but for the longest time I've been Kyra)
I've been working on fundraising committee for my kids school so lots of things there. I've also been away on another scrapbooking retreat at Daisy Chain Scrapbooks. (OMG Barb does a fabulous job! If you live within cooee of her shop at Nambour you definitely should go).
Then on top of all that I've been working in our MonaVie business. Since I discovered how well we were doing and I really hadn't put in any effort I decided to put some effort in and see if I could make enough to get Darling Hubby out of the workforce. So I've been busy having tasting parties... Then of course fitting in lots of scrapbooking... well it's been a huge couple of months.

So now that I can log back in to here I'll catch y'all up with some photos and layouts. (the above photo is DD2 at her 2nd birthday)

Thanks for reading and sorry for the long pause.


Anonymous said…
I'm Kristine and kind of new to scrapbooking. I had this idea to make a
scrapbook for a friend of mine for the forth of July.
So I was looking around and found this site savvyscrapbooker.com
Which had a great article on making a July 4th page (http://www.savvyscrapbooker.com/2010/07/independence_day/).
Does anyone know any other good resources?
Also - I signed up and they sent me this whole 100 page book with all these great tips.
Totally unexpected but it is great.
KirstenStar said…
Oh my goodness, your little girl is sooo cute! I am getting broody now, been trying for a while now. I probably should not be looking at cutie pies like yours but it is making me smile ear to ear :D
Anonymous said…
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Thomas Werner said…
Glad to see you are finding success in the Monavie business

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Unknown said…
Great information, thanks.

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