CupCake Toppers

Well we're all moved in... now it's just the unpacking to deal with. My scrapbooking supplies will have to be the last thing unpacked unfortunately.... I am nearly finished the actual unpacking though so thought I'd take a break to put up a post and to check out what's been happening out there in cyber scrap world while I've been packing... And one of the things I found was a really cute post by Johanna Peterson about some cupcake toppers she made for a birthday party and how popular those cakes were (eaten first!)... {check them out here:} Don't they look great? I was thinking they'd be a fantastic way to use up your left over scrap supplies.. So now after you finish a layout you have to make a card and then a cupcake topper with the left overs.....

Well I'd better get back to the unpacking otherwise I'll never get to use my scrapbooking supplies again!