Why do you scrapbook?

My blog is my place to share my ideas and tips on scrapbooking.  I love sharing my creations and hopefully inspiring others to keep their memories too!  I often think about why I started scrapbooking and always try to remain true to that...... Do you remember why you started?

 I had a friend who was a creative memories consultant who had been trying to get me involved for years! She kept saying you should try this you'll love it!  And I kept resisting. I had enough hobbies..... I loved renovating furniture and cooking, stamping, calligraphy, watercolour pencil and pastel art and folk art and mosaics and I really didn't need another hobby.

Then my mother died......................

I can't put down enough words to explain how this felt. At the time this was all exacerbated by my husband's mother's death 5 weeks earlier and the birth of our second child. The failure of our business, that just couldn't cope with the constant cancellations her illness required of it. So then throw into the mix another death and well overwhelmed doesn't quite cover it.  So when a day later my father arrived with every photo my mother had ever taken or been taken in and dumped them on me..... well it just went up a notch.  My girlfriends assisted me in making an album of my mothers life to have on display at the funeral (cause that's what you do to yourself at a time like that... add more stress.... an entire album with a 4 day deadline... EASY! LOL

In the days and weeks following mum's death I searched for the notes or messages I so desperately wanted to find... and there were none.

So I scrapbook to leave my kids those messages. There is so much information about my family that I'd hate to see lost to my children. By scrapbooking it I am hoping to preserve the past for future generations also.  I consider my pages to be my love letters to my kids. Years from now they'll know how I felt about every little thing they did.  They'll see the love and creativity I put into every page and hopefully they'll know the depth of my love..... Hopefully!

Why do you scrapbook? Is it just an artistic release? Is it something more? I have a friend who scrapbooks because there are no photos of her childhood and she's determined to leave her kids lots of memories. Whatever your reason enjoy the process and stay true to your purpose!