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Hi Guys,

I'm back..... well as back as a 4 week old baby will allow me to be.... LOL! Ella is doing well thanks to everyone who has sent me their well wishes and enquiries on her progress. She has gained a little over a pound in the last three weeks and is feeding well. Sleeping is another story... her daytime naps are all over the shop.. sometimes she will go to sleep well other times she will not sleep well till after her next feed (I Know its not because she's hungry because I am making so much milk for her she is drowning in it at times...) but I really don't mind as she's sleeping well of a night time and only waking me for feeds so you can't ask more than that.

Anyway back to the important task of scrapbooking your memories of these precious moments... I completely agree with Anne that paper piecing is a cheap way to create your own unique embellishments. I know Anne makes alot of hers up herself but thought many of you might like a little more guidance so if you check out this site: you'll find a tutorial on how to make your own patterns and many many free patterns for you to try.

I haven't really done any paper piecing on my layouts as I'm always very pushed for time but I think I will definitely give this a go!


Anne P said…
Another great source I have just found is Scrapbooks etc. website where they have free paper piecing downloadable templates.

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